Our ProgramS

Panama City: Our discipleship and transitional program is a long-term residential (6 - 12 month average) program that focuses on all aspects of recovery... physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Tallahassee: Our discipleship and recovery program is a (9-12 month average) program available.


We emphasize biblical discipleship and complete accountability, along with many life skills classes. While in the program each client will be assigned a case manager, participate in mandatory classes including church services.

Our Goal

Our goal is to disciple our clients through the process of the transitioning phase of recovery and for our clients to re-enter society as clean, sober, and successful members of our community.


Our vision is to add a 9-12 month recovery program in the Panama City area to further aid community needs.

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Our Mission Statement


The Humble House Ministries' mission is to help those in addiction by providing a safe, residential environment, discipling them through Bible-centered teaching, and equipping them to live God honoring lives. 

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